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Come on, Sherlock. Just die, why can’t you?

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actual dialogue

im crying

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John: So, she’s alive then. How are we feeling about that?
Sherlock: Happy New Year, John.
John: Do you think you’ll be seeing her again?

Oh god, that was such a heart breaking scene…. and I love it so much.

Please… how can anyone watch this and not think this is a love story?

Where have the good times gone….?

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First there’s the moment when you think you think it. There’s the moment you think you know it. There’s the moment when you know you know it, but you can’t yet say it. And then there’s the moment when you know you know it, and you can’t keep it in any longer.

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Has anybody noticed that Sherlock always says ‘John’ instead of ‘help’

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"This is the biggest and most important day of my life and""Well..""No, it is"


"This is the biggest and most important day of my life and"
"No, it is"

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